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Daddy has been gone all day. Apparently his work shifts changed, so he now works Mondays, Wednesdays and Saturdays. Since he has class all day on Mondays that means he leaves early in the morning and doesn't come back until Tuesday morning. I hate that. Maybe in the future he will come home after his last class, rather than waste his time in the stupid computer labs. He has to play with me and make me feel loved and wanted, or I will be upset. And when the Bounce is upset, PEOPLE DIE!!!

Anyhow, I know he is getting really excited because Chris and Steffi will be here in a week. He is slightly stressed about getting the place cleaned up, since Sara never got her shit together to get her shit out of there. He will probably just dump it all. She has made it abundantly clear that she does not want it anymore. Interesting how fast passionate love can turn into apparent indifference. A little scary even.

Anyhow, there is not much going on here as usual. My life is very simple. I wake up. I pester daddy. I eat. I pester daddy. I miss daddy while he's gone. I sleep. Being a cat RULES!
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