bounce_the_cat (bounce_the_cat) wrote,

Things are back to normal here...

Daddy has come home about two weeks ago, and picked me up two days after he got home. It was great seeing the big guy again, even though I'll miss my little playmate at Chris and Summer's place. They got a baby kitten a few weeks before I left. Oh well, I am back with daddy now, and I am happy.

Unfortunately Tink crossed the Rainbow Bridge a few weeks ago, but the other rats have grown huge. I know that I would not mess with them now, if they were out of their cage. But they don't come out, I don't go in there, and we all are cool *smirks*

Daddy is trying to get his apartment taken care of, since two of his friends are coming to visit in three weeks. He tried to contact Sara about it, hopefully they can get her stuff out within the next two weeks. He is really looking forward to that visit, and I am curious to see the people that Daddy hangs out with in his cat-free time.

Oh well, gotta go raid the magic cupboard... there's GOT to be tuna here somewhere...
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