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A cat's view on life

4 May
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Hi Everyone, this is Bounce the Cat. I'm a six months old grey tabby, who enjoys tuna, long naps on the back of my daddy's couch, and playing with bottle caps. I like to play with my daddy's rats, even though he doesn't let me stick my paws into their cage... silly human :P

A little info my my dad. He's 25, going on 26 pretty soon, and is living in a place called Michigan. He is originally from a place he calls 'Germany' and every now and then he talks to the little magic beeping thing in some language I don't understand. He always smiles when he puts the magic thingie away though, so I guess it's some sort of prayer ritual or something. He is going away for a few hours every few days to some place called 'College' to get a 'M.A. in Communication' or some stuff like that. Don't ask me why, he should stay here and play with me. I am sad when he's gone, and I miss him a lot.

A lot of what I will talk about in here will be about him, what he looks like and does, but I will also talk about what I do all day. And now I am off to dream of tuna.