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Some news about what's going on with me

I know I haven't written in ages. But we've been really busy and a lot has gone on in our little lives.

First of all, Daddy graduated from this college thing he kept going off to. *Drumroll and applause please* He finished his thesis thing and defended it in December, after spending a lot of time working on it instead of playing with me.

After that he spent a lot of time at home, since he could no longer work at nights and had to find a 'real job' as he called it. He did find one of those, which led to important news #3:

We moved halfway across the country. We are now living in a place called 'Delaware' and Daddy drives to a city called 'Phillydelphia' every day. He's gone for a long time, but he seems happy about it. He is working for a company called Dancing Ferret Discs. Strange name. The ferrets I met never danced, they kinda just hobbled along and fell off places. But oh well, maybe the ferrets in Phillydelphia actually dance on discs...

Instead of our nice apartment we now live in a nice house, where daddy is renting a room. The house belongs to a nice lady, who sometimes scolds me, but is otherwise pretty cool. Daddy and her get along really well. She has a cat named Kona, and her and I have had our differences. All I want is to play tag while she's sleeping, and she doesn't always like that... but we get along much better now.

The trip down to Delaware was not nice though... I don't like the car, and this time Daddy did not put me in the carrier. He said something about not wanting me to be cooped up for ten hours. The night before the sneaky bastard actually tried to put something into my water, but smart cat as I am, I didn't touch it. But I was so scared on the drive that Daddy said I started to breathe all funny. So he stopped over and we visited the vet. She was nice, but after she petted me for a bit she poked me with a needle. Why does she keep doing that? Anyhow, I got really tired and I slept most of the way to Delaware. I think Daddy was happy about that too. Though he kept calling me sneakycat again, because I looked for a nice dark place to sleep in and he couldn't find me for a few minutes.

Daddy really likes Phillydelphia and Delaware. He keeps saying that we lived in a cultural wasteland in Michigan. Nice people, but nothing much to do. Here he has a lot to do for work, but he has a great time. Last night he met a woman called Kristanna Loken, who apparently is some sort of movie star. And he hung out with Steven and Donna from Ego Likeness and Voltaire. He came home really late, but he must have enjoyed himself. And every Wednesday he goes to something called Nocturne, which seems a lot of fun as well. I'd love to go with him sometime, but I know I'd have to ride in the car, and I don't want that.

Anyhow, we will try to post more often in the future, but oh well, I'm a cat, easily distracted by oooh... shiny....

Quick edit... for those of you not yet aware of the natural superiority of cats, take a look at ... you will see why you should give us all the tuna we want... or else
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