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LJ Interests meme results

  1. bergkamen:
    The city I grew up in. I'm still not sure if I like it or not :P It has it's good points, mostly family and friends, and it's got its bad sides, mostly the people that are NOT family and friends :P
  2. cats:
    If they wanted to, they could rule the world. They already rule the cat owners. Bounce graciously allows me to maintain the illusion of free will, so I feel a little better about myself. But I'm his slave, and we both know it.
  3. dortmund:
    Biggest city close to home. Very good place to go shopping, bad place to go clubbing. Some very nice small places to eat, like the Cash Cafe or the Cafe Chat Noir. Avoid the Alex or the Extrablatt, you will get fuckin ripped off.
  4. goth:
    I'm a goth. I'm also a gamer, a punk, a metalhead, and half a dozen other little boxes you could put me in (after you break me down to fit me) I like the subculture, I like the music, I like the clothing. I am too happy and upbeat to be a deep and depressive Uber-Goth, but those people basically only exist in the mind of mundanes anyhow :P
  5. michigan state university:
    My alma mater. And also the place I'm still studying at. Been here for six years, and I have seen the administration and the city council of East Lansing grow worse with every year. I have never seen a place so openly hostile to students.
  6. nrw:
    Northrhine-Westphalia, one of the larger German states, and the one that Bergkamen and Dortmund are located in. Not really an interest of mine, I just put it on there to be able to search for chicks from tha area *evil laugh*... no serious, I put it on there because I wanted a few more interests listed... nothing special there.
  7. rats:
    Love 'em. Sweet, cuddly, smart, friendly... I only wish they lived longer than two or three years. My first rat, Tink, was the sweetest rat you'd ever meet. She jumped up and down in her cage when I came in, and reached through the bars to grab my attention... I miss her *sniff*
  8. role playing:
    Yes, I'm a D&D nerd. There, I admit it. I love it. It's a way to relax, to hang out with friends, and to really stick it to the enemy, i.e. the game master. I am a munchkin/power-gamer/twink, and though I am not nearly as bad as some other people I know, I am pretty bad. But I'm working on it... if only the game designers didn't make it so damn easy to twink out :P
  9. talking about movies:
    Yes, I can talk movies for hours. I'm a fount of useless trivia and pointless information. By the way, one of my fave little references in Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (will be out this friday) is the manufacturer of the piano... you'll get it when you see it... you better :P
  10. the ramones:
    One of the greatest bands there was. I remember the year Joey died, happened a few months after I broke up with a girl that had been lying to me for almost a year. I didn't cry when I told her it was over, even though she tried her best to make me feel like crap... I cried when I heard that Joey died :(

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