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Ren Faire today

Today Daddy went to Ren Faire in Holly. He usually has a great time, and though he and his friends left late today, he still got to see a lot of nice things. He drooled over a pair of tooled leather greaves at Pyramid, but he didn't have the money, so he has to wait until next year :(

He actually met a few nice people at one of the booths, and hung out with them for quite a while. Either he is not as repulsive and anti-social as he believed he was (that's what he'd like to think) or they took pity on the pathetic little creature he is (that's what I think *smirk*)

He keeps cleaning the place, yesterday he scared the living shit out of me with a noise-maker from hell. On the other hand, when he was done the floor was all clean and nice and soft under my paws. So I guess it's a trade-off. I just hope he won't do it again anytime soon. But knowing my luck he'll do it tommorow.

Right now he's at work, so I will take a nap on his clean shirts, or maybe his underwear, so it's all marked as MINE when he comes home. Aren't I just too sweet, letting him know exactly what to expect? Maybe I'll even find some tuna in the magic cupboard. He bought a new can-opener after I accidentally broke the old one (he doesn't know it was me, he is still wondering why it broke) but I think it's a feline-unfriendly one as well... Why can't they make a can-opener that cats can use?
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